An Eco Beach Brand

Did you know that Wildwood is an Eco Beach brand. We are a family business based in the small seaside town of Newport on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast of West Wales. Our aim is to promote sustainable products, ideas and lifestyles that help protect our precious beach environments.

If you would like to know more and see our full range, visit our main Eco Beach website.

This week's best seller


Brilliant Design

Frames of certified timbers and recycled polycarbonate

TAC Polarised UV400 lenses

Superior visual clarity

Scratch/impact resistant

Bag and cloth made from recycled plastic

Kraft (recycled card) carry case.

Wooden sunglasses: Embracing Nature's Best


Wood, an abundant and renewable resource cherished since the dawn of civilisation, continues to captivate us with its versatility and sustainability. In the realm of eyewear, the Wildwood range wooden sunglasses range stands out for its eco-friendliness, lightweight construction, durability, and undeniable style. With bamboo frames that even float, our sunglasses offer a blend of functionality and environmental consciousness that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Recycle and get 20% off a new pair


We want you to enjoy our sunglasses for a long, long time. But even the best things will eventually come to the end of their life.  What happens next is up to you. 

The best thing about all our sunglasses is that they are all made with materials that can be recycled, some of them infinitely, forever.

So we have created our Recycle Forever service to ensure that all our sunglasses end up where they should - in more sunglasses or other useful things.  

  • Montréal

    Great sunglasses!

    Comfortable look great light weight seem durable came with a great case and a nice cloth cover. Very happy with purchase. There was a small issue with shipping but I contacted the company and they figured it out quickly.

    Cassandra L.

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  • Cote D'Azur

    Well-made pair of shades

    Great customer support when I had issues with the courier. The frame is generally well-crafted and sturdy. I have thrown in into my bag on a few occasions and expected it to be broken but it has withstood my manhandling.


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  • Kid's Beech Wood

    Great look!

    I bought these for my two girls.
    Fast delivery and amazing look!

    We travel a lot and it is hard to find great polarised sunglasses for kids to protect their eyes.

    Emma S.

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