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Kids Yaletown (6 to 12 yrs)

Kids Yaletown (6 to 12 yrs)

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These amazing kids sunglasses have a multi-layer construction of sustainably sourced maple and walnut wood, that makes the frame of the Yaletown much more flexible than solid wood frames.

The TAC polarised lenses provide full UVA and UVB protection and most importantly for younger, more sensitive eyes - they completely block harmful glare from reflective surfaces like water and snow. Also importantly for kids, they have twice the scratch resistance of regular sunglasses lenses and can take most things kids can throw at them.

Weighing only 20 grams, the kids Yaletown is one of the lightest glasses frames on the market.  The stainless steel spring hinges allow the arms to flex outwards by up to 15 degrees so they are super comfortable.

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    Sustainability, engineered to last

    Our collection of wooden & bamboo sunglasses have all been ethically manufactured to the very highest standards of sustainability and durability.

    The biodegradable frames are made from responsibly sourced timbers, certified as sustainable to international standards. 

    The scratch resistant lenses are polarised for superb visual clarity and provide 100% UV and glare protection.

    Flexible hinges provide durability and a perfect comfortable fit. 

    Naturally beautiful

    Wood provides a natural warmth and beauty that man made materials just can’t match.

    Our Wildwood sunglasses capture these natural qualities in a collection of gorgeous frames for women, men and kids.

    The range includes frames and arms made from walnut, maple, beech, zebra wood, ebony and bamboo.  All sourced from certified timber growers.